What is the Studitemps section?

In the Studitemps section you can enter all the data you require for Studitemps jobs. Always keep your data up to date so you can be assigned to a Studitemps job at any time.

In your Studitemps section you can enter and update the following data:

Bewerbungsmappe (Application portfolio)

  • Here you can enter all the important data and skills you need for your application to Studitemps jobs.

Arbeitsbeginn (Start of work)

  • Here you can upload your certificate of study and work permit as well as read and confirm the health and safety instructions

Zeiterfassung (Time tracking)

  • In the time overview you get a listing of your working hours
  • After each working day you can enter your times here. Note that you can only enter the times for the current week until 9 a.m. on Monday.
  • The times you entered are then reviewed by Studitemps and form the basis for your payroll.

Auszahlung (Payment)

  • Here you enter all the data you need to receive the correct salary from Studitemps.
  • After your deployment at Studitemps, you will find your current salary documents here.

Vollständigkeitshinweis (Note on completeness)

  • If you want to know what you are missing to complete the data in your Studitemps section, you can click on the bell icon at the upper right of the page
  • A list with the missing data will be opened
  • If your Studitemps section is completely filled in, you will also see that in the list
  • Important: Your Studitemps section must be completely filled out in order for you to receive your salary on time.

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