Where can I fill out my application portfolio?

You can save your personal data and skills in the application portfolio which is needed for the job application at Studitemps. Complete your application files to raise your chances in the application process.

Personal Data

  • This information is required by studitemps to contact you during the application process and also hire you upon successful application.
  • Completely fill in your name, your date of birth, your address and your mobile number. 

Short Introduction


  • An application photo is desired for some jobs. This is how to upload your photo:
    • 1. Click on  „Bewerbungsfoto hochladen“.
    • 2. Choose a picture from your PC and add it.
    • Keep in mind that your photo has the format .jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .gif or .png and has less than 10 MB memory.
  • To change your photo, click on “Foto bearbeiten“ and choose “Neues Foto hochladen“. To delete your photo, go to „Foto löschen“.
What to look out for in your application photo? Our career guide provides helpful Tipps für ein Bewerbungsfoto to make a first good impression.

A few sentences about you

  • To get an impression of you, you have the opportunity to introduce yourself in a couple of sentences. Write about your strongest qualities you can particularly convince us with.


  • Most jobs require German language skills, although English is requested frequently. Please state your language level in German and English. You can state additional languages as optional. 
  • Enter your field of study and university where you are enrolled in the section “Studium”.
  • If you ever had a job and collected work experience, please state these under “Berufserfahrung”.

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