Where can I upload my documents (certificate of study and work permit)?

You can easily upload your documents in your Studitemps section.

To do this, go to the Studitemps section and click on the menu item "Arbeitsbeginn" (Start of work). Here you can upload your certificate of study (i.e. your enrollment certificate) and your work permit / residence title if you need them.

Important: Please do not upload an ID card here, as it is not proof of a work permit. A student ID is also not a certificate of study.

  • Upload your certificate of study for the current semester. To work at Studitemps, you must be enrolled.
  • If you need to prove that you have a work permit, upload it.
  • First enter the validity date.
  • For the certificate of study, you must also provide some additional information about your current semester.
  • Be sure to take legible photos of the documents and upload all pages. 

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