How to apply for a job?

To be able to apply you need a Jobmensa account. Once you are registered, you can use your account to apply online for all jobs you can find in the job search.

At Jobmensa there are two kinds of job offers:

  1. For all jobvalley jobs you can simply apply online via Jobmensa directly and your account info will be used automatically.You will definitely receive feedback regarding your applications and can track the status of your application every step of the way.
  2. For job ads run by other companies, there is an external application process. Clicking the “Bewerben” (apply) button will either direct you to the career page of the respective company or allow you to send an email application. In case your email program does not open automatically, you can access the respective email address below the “Bewerben” button.

How to start the application process for jobvalley jobs via Jobmensa:

  1. Open a jobvalley job ad and read the job description. If you want to apply, use the blue button to the top right of the job ad title.

Select the blue button “Bewerben” (apply) to initiate the application process.

2. Depending on the job ad you might have to enter additional information to complete the application process

  • e.g. indicate your availability by selecting suitable shifts
  • upload an application picture
  • write a short text about yourself

 3. If no further information is required, you will see the blue button “Bewerbung absenden” (send application).

Select that button which is located on the right to complete your jobvalley application.

You can always track the status of your applications via “Bewerbungen” (applications).

Note: Your information from your profile will also be sent with each application. You can always update them, also after sending out an application. Your changes will be visible to jobvalley immediately.

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